GoToSleepVideos can help you fall asleep. It might be a rain video, or distant thunder that makes you drowsy. Perhaps a waterfall. Or wind whistling through pine trees on a snowy mountain. Whatever venue you choose, getting to sleep will be so much easier.

How they work

Get ready for bed. Start the video, adjust the volume and go to bed. The video and sound will gradually fade to black.

De-programming is your goal. What calms you? Select a video that appeals to your senses. Clear the clutter and let a GoToSleepvideo take you somewhere else – somewhere peaceful. Somewhere with the atmospheric conditions and weather of YOUR choosing. There is no music. There is no speaking. There are no actors. There is nothing for you to process except the mesmerizing sights and sounds of rain, snow, wind, surf, distant thunder or wildlife... whatever soothes you.

A recent survey stated that a full third of the population in the U.S. is losing sleep over the state of the economy. Don't let this be the case when you go to bed. Try one or more of these serene videos. Escape with GoToSleepVideos. Trouble sleeping may be a thing of the past.

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GoToSleepVideos are in no way are meant as a treatment for sleep disorders, depression or other medical and/or psychological conditions. Contact your health professional if you think you may suffer from a sleep-related medical condition.


All videos are free to use.

How to use:
Left click a video icon. Start video. Adjust volume. Go to bed. The video and sound will gradually fade to black. If you like you can use the audio as white noise. Just turn off your monitor.

Approaching Caribbean Storm Tropical Rain & Thunder 

Rocky Mountain Waterfall 

Mystic Blue Waves

Rocky Mountain Silent Snow

Mexican Coral Sunset

Secret Rainforest Waterfall

Simple Rain

 Stormy Cayman Beach

Parrots In Paradise

The Windward Side

The Fan
White Windy Sand Beach

Caribbean Rain Cove
Rain Audio: 1:07



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